Have you ever wonder what exactly a day-of wedding coordinator is, let alone what services one actually provides? If so, you’re in the right spot.

When it comes to your wedding, chances are you want to be in control.  You and your fiancé have spent countless hours dreaming about this moment in your relationship, so how could you possibly trust someone else with all the details?  Think about this: Do you want to be the point of contact for all of your vendors, family and friends on your wedding day?  Or would you rather relax and enjoy this exciting moment, leaving the worrying and problem-solving (spoiler alert: something always goes wrong) to a day-of wedding coordinator?

What’s the difference between a day-of coordinator and a traditional wedding planner?

Chances are, when you think of a wedding planner, you think of a full-service planner who helps create your wedding design, manage your budget, and plans all the details from beginning to end. I get it- you might not want or need that level of help.  A day-of coordinator will typically step in the month or two before your wedding, taking care of the smaller details, fixing any issues before they happen, and managing the details on your wedding day.

Did you catch the “month or two before your wedding” part?  That’s right, the list of services offered by a day-of planner typically goes well beyond your wedding day itself.  In reality, a coordinator works with you anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks out from your big day.  Here at Ivory Couture, we start working with our day-of clients at 12 weeks out from the wedding.  This gives us time to contact your vendors, arrange for a site visit to create a layout for both the ceremony and reception, along with identifying any potential issues before they have a chance to happen.  You’ll also get detailed timelines for your vendors, bridal party and family, as well as rehearsal coordination.  And then, most importantly, the Ivory Couture team will be there to coordinate your wedding day so that you and your families can relax and enjoy the moment.

 Your wedding coordinator’s services don’t stop once you’ve made it down the aisle, either.  Once you hop in your getaway car and head off to your honeymoon suite, your coordinator will get to work packing up your gifts, making sure your vendor tips made it to the right hands, gather any mementos you left behind and resolve any of the breakdown details that need taken care of after a long day.  Trust your day-of coordinator to run the show so you and your family can relax and take in your special day.

Looking for a day-of coordinator to manage your wedding day?  Email ivorycouturebridal@gmail.com to learn more about Ivory Couture and our services!